One of my hats is being worn on a Hulu Original Series, Marvel's Runaways. Allegra Acosta's character "Molly" can be seen wearing my raspberry pink ear flap cat hat in episodes 1 and 2.

Back in January of this year, when our shop was exploding with pink cat hat orders for the Women's March, I was contacted by a costume designer that needed a hat right away for a TV show. I work with stylists and costume designers pretty often, we have had our hats featured in several shows and films and stage productions, and I always try to accomodate when I can. As busy as we were at the time, I almost told her there was no way I could get a hat to her right away, but something told me I should do it anyway. I'm glad I did! How awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

marvels runaways pink cat hat